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We welcome customer reviews of products purchased. This enables Bijou Studio to improve the service and products provided and guides new customers relative to the experience of existing customers.

We actively encourage constructive reviews and discourage abusive or offensive language. Any posts that do not meet this requirement will be deleted

We actively encourage members to engage with each other in order to develop a community within this site. Once again, our emphasis is constructive discourse, that is enjoyable to all members and does not discriminate in any way. Any posts that we deem to be offensive, discriminatory or abusive in any form will be deleted

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Is there a difference? The simple answer is yes! Handmade producers tend to follow prescribed patterns and instructions and produce more homogenised goods i.e. one size fits all. Handcrafted products

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adar jasim
adar jasim
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Very satisfied with the service and product.

I recently purchased the LUXURY AQUA FRUIT BOWL. I have to say the product looks even more beautiful in person. The floral form and the ocean colour which blends into clear towards the center looks wonderful and can be used in many ways as well as a fruit bowl. The bowl look lovely in my bedroom as an esthetic to go with the theme of my bedroom decor. Absolutely love it, amazing products. Looking forward to make more purchase soon. Highly recommend these brilliantly HAND MADE Products.

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Thank you for your review and we are delighted that you are happy with your purchase

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