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A decorative, elegant, attractive, unique and popular hand made Conch Shell trinket bowl that will look beautiful in any setting both classic and modern. A timeless piece that is versatile and durable with a variety of uses; including makeup accessories, jewellery, keys, coins, sweets, decorative stones or simply as an ornamental piece. This Conch Shell trinket bowl has an above average capacity L:15cm W:12cm D:4.5cm and weighs 100grms.

A perfect and affordable gift, for women, men, and teenagers for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentines day, to say thank you, or just because. This Conch Shell trinket bowl will be treasured for many years, it will not yellow, fade or crack when cared for appropriately, clean using a soft cloth or baby/alcohol wipe. If more intensive cleaning is required only use warm soapy water. The lustre can be enhanced by using a ceramic polishing agent with a soft cloth.


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